About us

Color Concepts is world’s largest, independent state of the art profiling and testing lab for the professional digital large-format printing industry.

Color Concepts is the world’s largest, independent state of the art profiling and testing lab for the professional digital large-format printing industry.

Color Concepts is a unique and dynamic company with an innovative approach to today’s challenges in a commoditizing market. A determined team of software engineers, inkjet printing experts, experts in sales and marketing and color management specialists, is continuously working on the development of new products and services for our fast growing customer base.

We are innovating the way you support, sell and service your customers, by taking away the hassle and simplifying complex technology with our state-of-the-art cloud solutions and well equipped printing labs in Europe and USA.

Some history

Color Concepts was established as a one-man consultancy operation. We are active in the digital large-format inkjet printing industry. Inkjet technology is used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from: billboards and sticker printing to industrial textile and ceramics fabrication. Soon after our start in 2003, the operation started to become a company and we opened our first printing lab near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Fourteen years later, Color Concepts owns two state-of-the-art printing labs in the Netherlands and in the USA and serves customers in more than 200 countries. We have developed multiple certification and testing methods for print materials and ink technologies.

Our ColorBase™ cloud solution is behind most of the industry’s leading manufacturers’ websites and offers a wealth of information about print media, compatibility and parameters that make it easy for printer owners to achieve world class results and quality.

ColorBase currently hosts 900,000+ configuration files for print media, ink and printer combinations. It has more than 100,000 print shops signed up, through our partners and grows with more than 1,500 new users per month. Our development teams are actively developing new tools, which will help our partners by offering smart solutions.

We are determined to keep raising standards.


Our main facility is based in the Netherlands and consists of two testing areas. There is a large testing facility with 40 different printers from different brands like HP, Mimaki, and Roland. These printers cover the major part of the modern large format printer industry. Next to that we have a dedicated mechanical stress testing laboratory for printing materials.

Our highly experienced staff is trained to perform ISO and ASTM standardized tests. To provide quick service to our customers, we have over 500 different media in stock for testing. We are able to perform tests with all major RIP software brands and check the performance with high quality Barbieri measurement devices.

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