OCÉ “UVgel VERIFIED” Program

Verify your media and grow your business by delivering a high-end solution to your customers.

In a joint collaboration between Canon-Océ and Color Concepts, we are pleased to introduce the Océ “UVgel VERIFIED” Program. This program has been developed to support media manufacturers/distributors globally with their marketing and sales in order to deliver peace of mind to their customers. Get your media verified and give your customers the security and quality they expect.

Color Concepts is happy to announce that we are the exclusive administrator of the Oce “UVgel VERIFIED” Program. This program was developed by analyzing hundreds of media for their characteristics and applications. This resulted in a program which utilizes application driven testing with a carefully selected battery of tests – over twenty different tests per media category! Verified media will offer your customers peace of mind as well as efficiency, as the need for a trial-and-error process to find the correct settings is eliminated.


Eliminate the trial and error process


Increase the exposure of your media to a greater market share


Empower your sales team to sell a product with proven performance and supportability


Capitalize on Océ's marketing channels through co-promotion of VERIFIED media

About the program

The Océ “UVgel VERIFIED” Program focuses on high quality printing, application guided profiling, and high-speed printing. Your media will be tested according to the Verification thresholds and will be available for one print mode (additional print modes are available, but only as a profiled media, not as VERIFIED media). During the Verification phase, the media will be tested to its limits with application directed testing that simulates the wear and tear on the media as it would be used in its intended application. In that way, the Océ “UVgel VERIFIED” Program will test if the media is indeed suitable for the application in which it is being used.

Added value for your customers

Océ’s revolutionary UVgel ink delivers breakthrough productivity and never before seen print automation. Its low cost of operation and robust printing platform make a wide and unique application range possible for both indoor and outdoor display graphics applications. These unique features along with a Color Concepts-made VERIFIED profile make your workflow easier than ever.

Expose the world to your media

With Océ “UVgel VERIFIED” media , you have the ability to show the world that your media will work seamlessly with the Océ Colorado 1640 printer. Customers can simply download the profile from Océ’s Profile Download Client at http://oce.color-base.com/ integrate it into their RIP software, set up the job and print!

Reduce time spent resolving complaints

Having your media verified eliminates many of the issues customers experience as it allows for a clear understanding of the capacity of your media. This allows for easier management of complaints and lends itself to a much more powerful and clear sales message for your sales and distribution teams. Océ VERIFIED Media offers a reliable and quality result!

“Tap into new opportunity! With the OCÉ “UVgel VERIFIED” Program, you open the door to new potential for growth with the opportunity to showcase the versatility of your media.”

Fair pricing

Certification Type and Description EMEA USA
Full verification €850 $1,000
Family check €250 $290
Additional Print Mode €175 $200

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