Color Concepts has added three new faces to our team of “Crazy Ones”!

ColorBase Creative Studios team
Color Concepts has launched ColorBase Creative Studios – a unique video production agency focused on the Graphic Arts industry, and powered by the technical expertise and innovative drive of the world’s largest independent print lab. From concept to delivery, Creative Studios has the technical knowledge and creative prowess to translate its client’s messages into clear, compelling videos for any purpose.

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to our creative team: Kai, Dania and Sander.

Kai Chaplin – a professional yacht captain, divemaster, content creator & marketing expert – is now the Creative Lead at ColorBase Creative Studios. He is the crazy one who talks to customers to develop the understanding of the company, brand, and products & services. He listens closely, reads between the lines, then carefully crafts a story.

Kai grew up in The Bahamas, studied in Vancouver, Canada, where he later managed the product creation process of a content marketing firm. But before too long, the sea came calling. Kai moved back to the Bahamas, where he realized his boyhood dream, and spent the next 6 years working and living on superyachts! With that item ticked off the bucket list, Kai was drawn back to the creative world and joined an advertising agency, where he developed content strategy and managed content production.

With experience in content creation, drone videography, and editing short films, ColorBase Creative Studios is a perfect fit!


Dania Noseir – an allrounder, quick learner, challenge seeker – is our new Production Lead at ColorBase Creative Studios. Dania manages Creative Studios projects and ensures all the stories Kai creates are told in ways you could never imagine. She makes sure everything, from beginning to end, runs smoothly.

Dania was born and raised in Dubai but has lived in the Netherlands for 10 years. She finished her studies in International Business and Languages in 2019. Throughout the years, Dania has been an Assistant Product Manager, a Film Crew Member, a Market Research Analyst, and in the meantime, she also started her own company (Nomari) where she works as a freelancer in various industries.

Over the years, Dania has learned the importance of flexibility, taking initiative and burning the midnight oil. She is incredibly organized, a multi-tasker, and a team-player. She is everywhere, and all over the place. Organized chaos. An incredible addition to the team.


Sander Roos – a fast learner and an entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box thinker – is now the Production Assistant at ColorBase Creative Studios. Simply put, he visualizes the stories Kai creates. Sander uses the power of simplicity, but still shows his creativity in his work. With an eye for detail, Sander is able to turn every video into a powerful message.

Sander was already part of the Color Concepts’ team as a marketing assistant, however he developed a passion for visualizing marketing content. He has devoted himself to learning everything about photography and videography. Bringing stories to life. Evoking emotion. Delivering value.

We are happy to have a young and fresh team member on the creative side of the company! We believe that he will bring creativity, inspiration, and value to the table.