Faye Han joins Color Concepts – streamlining the communication flow within Color Concepts

by | Feb 11, 2021

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Faye Han – a creative problem solver, critical thinker, communication professional, bouldering enthusiast – is now our Sales Support with a helicopter view! She will be supporting the sales team and the technical team, ensuring smooth communication between the departments.

Originally from Malaysia, Faye moved to the Netherlands in 2014 for further education.  She graduated with a master’s degree in International Communication Management. As a Communication Professional, she has worked as a Market Researcher and as a Sales and Marketing Specialist.

Faye is driven by curiosity and her desire to learn and improve. Here at Color Concepts, she will be part of a team that is diverse, fast-growing, and filled with positive challenges. Part of the Crazy Ones; part of Color Concepts! Everyone is confident that she will be an incredible addition to the team!