Knowledge is key

Selling and supporting high-tech equipment and materials is not easy. Changes are coming fast and keeping up with latest and greatest is a daunting task for many managers. Color Concepts is known for it’s fun and interactive trainings and we have trained thousands of professionals in the inkjet printing industry.

Sell more and deliver better support

Being able to explain how your technology works, with the exact right arguments and the understandable language for your customer. We are specialists in making tough topics easy to understand and give you the tools to explain them better to your customers. Using our fully equipped labs and expierenced printing experts, training at Color Concepts is unlike anything you have experienced in the past.

Tailor made

Every product is different and requires a different story. We test your products, whether it is a printer, print media or software solution. Translating its technical features into understandable English, creating the best samples and examples, building the presentations and handouts: we do it for you and help you thrive.

Ready to connect?

If you would like to visit our facility or want to know more about the different services we offer, please contact us.