Meet Color Concepts’ incredible interns: Bart, Theresiana, and Malika

by | May 5, 2021

It’s no secret that we are focused on innovation, structured data, and driving the future of technology. But, at the end of the day, we are still a team – and our most important asset is our people, our minds, and our energy. We push ourselves to create a work environment where each and everyone has the opportunity to develop and evolve in their position. That’s why we work closely with universities to hire fresh, motivated, and energetic interns. A new generation is born.

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Bart Korpershoek –  sustainability safeguard, resourceful creative thinker, people person – is now our Sustainability Development Intern. He is developing a framework to calculate the carbon footprint for material manufacturers, and a waste management platform that will provide insights on managing the disposal of waste efficiently and effectively.

Bart is currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management with a minor in Energy & Society at the University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands. Bart is driven to make this world more sustainable and is actively participating in the stakeholder group, Jong RES, for regional energy strategies. 

Color Concepts is incredibly happy to welcome Bart to the team. His skills, enthusiasm, and motivation to investigate the sustainability benchmark, fit perfectly into Color Concepts. Welcome, Bart!

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Theresiana Armawa – detail-oriented, strong communicator, travel addict – is now our Customer Development Intern. She will be responsible for developing a support structure for ColorBase Exchange. On top of that, she will create content for our Helpdesk, which will guide buyers and sellers on how to use ColorBase Exchange.

Theresiana is originally from Bali, Indonesia but moved to the Netherlands when she was nine. She has studied Sales Specialist Retail, Retail Entrepreneurship, and is currently focusing on International Business and Management in Rotterdam. Next to studying, Theresiana has worked as a sales representative at various retail stores and has been an E-commerce intern at Unilever.

We are confident that Theresiana will be a great asset to Color Concepts!

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Malika Neijsen – team player, problem solver, snowboard fanatic – is now our Marketing Intern. She will support the team by creating marketing content on our social media channels and website.

Malika is born in Ivanovka, Kyrgyzstan, and moved to the Netherlands when she was four years old. She is currently studying International Business Studies at Zadkine in Rotterdam. She is curious about what the business world has to offer and is exploring her competencies in marketing. Besides studying, Malika is working as Team Leader at the Albert Heijn and is responsible for 95 employees, job interviews, and HR tasks. Very impressive!

Enthusiastic about the internship and driven to achieve, Malika is jumping in with both feet! We are excited to welcome her to the team!