Printability certification

Thorough testing and validation

Printing materials are used on a wide variety of ink technologies and printing platforms and after printing they are used in even more applications! We have teamed up with leading printer manufacturers and developed tailored programs to test the performance of printing materials during and after printing. 

Create awareness and credibility

We have developed Media Certification Programs with various print manufacturers, including: HP, Canon-Océ and Roland. Certification programs are effective ways for printer manufacturers to inform their customers and potential customers about the abilities of their equipment. For media manufacturers it is a great tool to create exposure for their products, by using the marketing power and reach of printer manufacturers. 

Printing and application performance

The use of printing materials does not stop at the printing process itself. In most cases the final print isn’t even the product that gets sold, but only a part of it. We have developed an extensive testing program per material category, that reflects the required durability and handibility for the most popular applications. 

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