Competitive media analysis

Finding out your position

Dealing with competition is part of everyone’s life. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses not only makes it more effective to successfully sell, but also to improve your products and stay ahead of your competition. We know how your products are used and what matters to your customers. We design tests that reflect the common sense of the reality at print shops. Thereby, we are able to give you a realistic view on your product performance, compared to what is common in the market. 

The art of designing a meaningful test 

Without extensive knowledge and experience with the daily practice your customers are facing, designing a meaningful test is virtually impossible. We have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge of all common printing processes, expectations and requirements print shops are using. All common printing technologies are present in our labs. Therefore, we are able to simulate these situations in great details and compare products in a way that makes sense. While maintaining a neutral position towards the products tested. 

Extensive and clear reports

Each comparative test comes with an extensive report showing the difference between the tests in a clear way. We also write a conclusion and will recommend certain steps for improvements, if necessary. 

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