Color Profiling

So much more than some color magic

Creating color profiles used to be the colored version of black magic. Today it is a commodity and most of the print shops around the world are using them. With or without their knowledge. We have created thousands and thousands of profiles. Although most of the RIP software today is pretty straightforward and easy to use, experience and some tricks will enhance the quality of your colorful prints.

Sell easier

Having profiles available for the most common printer and media combinations, will help you sell more media in an easier way. Your sales force will feel safer and more confident when knowing that the media works, has been profiled, and that those profiles can be shared easily with your customers.

Less support

Not only is it easier to speak to customers about your printing materials when they have been profiled, it is also easier to support it. When customers are having issues with your media, you know one thing for sure: it should work, since it has been profiled and tested by us. Finding the cause for issues becomes a lot easier this way and will raise your standards and your customers’ satisfaction level!

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