Quality control

Monitor your consistency

One of the most important features of a successful product is it’s consistency over time and between production batches. New products, recipes or product lines can be challenging, especially when more complex chemicals are involved. 

Visual image quality inspection

We have designed a series of easy-to-judge test files that show the consistency and image quality on the full roll width. By printing challenging colors and visually judging the homogeneity from left to right, we are able to detect production issues in a very easy and affordable way. 

Advanced color measuring

Creating consistent measurements on fabrics, glossy materials or materials with a rough surface structure, is a serious challenge. Our labs are using high-end color measuring devices, which specifically developed to measure common materials from our industry. By simulating real life production environment parameters and measuring the results over and over again, we are able to give you detailed reports showing the performance of your products over time. 

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