Print media testing

Increase your development power

Having access to all common print technologies is crucial when developing printing materials. With the ever increasing amount of printers, inks, print speeds, and material requirements, it can be very hard for you to keep up with the developments. Moreover, having access to all the different printers and inks. Having access and the ability to test your materials however, will drastically speed up your development and launch processes. We have a broad collection of printers, inks and testing equipment available to test your material to the max.

Ink compatibility

Developing a material that works on all different inks, is the perfect recipe for a successful product launch. We have all mainstream inks and brands available in our laboratories in the Netherlands and the USA. Our years of experience have resulted in a carefully designed set of test files and measurement and judgement methods. Our clear and transparent way of communicating will leave you with clear and understandable results. It will help you to improve your products and launch your innovations with confidence and a peace of mind.

Application testing

Having a printable material is a good start, but as we all know: the print is rarely the final product. Print and sign shops are using your materials to build the solutions they sell. Being compatible to popular finishing methods and application use is what makes the difference between you and your competition. Having this information available, makes it easy for your customers to pick the right product for the application and will help you reducing support calls and returned goods.

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