Monitor the effect of your improvements


Print media development is far from static: changes at suppliers, regulations and local laws and changes in printing technologies, force media manufacturers to keep their products up-to-date. Changes in the recipe of your ‘magic mix’ require verification and validation. We have developed standardized testing methods that will help you testing your prototype products, or final production runs. Easy to understand reports and clear test files will instantly show any issue.


All mainstream wide-format printing technologies under one roof


Developing a material that works on all different inks, is the perfect recipe for a succesfull product launch. We have all mainstream inks and brands available in our laboratories in the Netherlands and USA. Our years of experience have resulted in a carefully designed set of test files and measurement and judgement methods. Our clear and transparent way of communicating will leave you with clear and understandable results, that will help you to improve your products and launch your innovations with confidence and peace of mind.


Image quality and mechanical stress testing


Besides printing your sample materials with all inks and technologies that are commonly found in the wide-format-printing industry, we are also able to perform mechanical stress testing on your materials. This inlcudes: ink adhesion, cracking, stretching, shrink tests, lamination testing, rub and scratch testing as well as water and chemical resistance. Printing mechanical stress testing samples the correct way, is crucial for a reliable outcome. Combining our decaded of printing and profiling experience with these tests results in reliable results that represent the daily use of your materials in a realistic and reliable way.


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