Roll to Roll Media Certification Program for HP Latex inks

Get your media certified to open new growth and potential for your business.
Finding the optimal settings is a tedious process that can lead to a lot of trial and error, which many of you experience. This often results in high and unnecessary costs. Color Concepts has therefore teamed up with HP and developed a certification program for the HP Latex Series for roll to roll media. This program will ensure that your material is printed with the perfect settings to provide the best quality and gets the attention it deserves. Moreover, the program creates unbiased evidence your material performs according to the highest standards.

The steps you need to take

The first step is applying for the certification. You can apply here for the certification. The second step is to have your material sent to one of our testing labs in the USA or Europe. Our lab technicians will perform a wide variety of tests on your material to make sure to provide the best quality. Once your media is tested, Color Concepts will send you the results in a report. When your material is officially certified, HP will publish your materials onto the HP websites and the printer front panels. Color Concepts will subsequently send you the official HP Latex Certified logo, which you can use in your marketing and communications to increase your sales.

Click the button to see the wide variety of tests that will be performed!

            HP Latex 300 series


            HP Latex 500 series


            HP Latex 800W series


            HP Latex 1500 series


            HP Latex 3000 series


            HP Latex R2000

Make your customers’ work easy

A state-of-the-art profile distribution platform makes it easy for printer operators to download the perfect settings for your media directly into their printer. The printer will take care of the installation of the necessary profiles and settings. No more hassle: the process is convenient and reliable.  

Get your media listed worldwide

HP provides a powerful marketing channel to expose your products to her customers. Each HP Latex printer is connected to an advanced cloud software solution that will list your certified products onto the front panel of the printer. Another powerful resource is the HP Media Solutions Locator, which is visited by tens of thousands of HP customers around the world.

Make support and complaint handling easy

Support and complaint handling will become a lot easier by having a clear understanding of the capacity of your media. Not only that, but having certified media will instantly boost the confidence of your sales teams and distribution channel. HP Latex Certified Media stands for quality, reliability and predictable results.

“Having your media certified gives confidence to your sales teams and channel, helps reduce the need for support and eases the use of your media by end-users.”

Certification process

  1. Apply for certification here
  2. Ship your materials to your lab of choice
  3. We will test and send you the results
  4. We will work with HP on publishing your materials onto the HP websites and printer front panels, which you can find at
  5. We will send you the certificate as well as the official HP Latex Certified  logos for you to use in your marketing and communications

Fair pricing

Certification Type and Description Printer and Generation Latex ink EMEA Americas
Full certification
Designed for material that is not yet listed in the HP Media Solutions Locator for that specific ink/printer combination. This includes a Preliminary- and Certification Process.
HP Latex 300 series €1.120 $1,355
HP Latex 500 series €1.120 $1,355
HP Latex 800W series €1.120 $1,355
HP Latex 800W series Transparent material €1.570 $1,900
HP Latex 1500 series €1.230 $1,490
HP Latex 3000 series €1.230 $1,490
HP Latex R series €1.230 $1,490
HP Latex R series Transparent material €1.570 $1,900
Full certification 2 model bundle discount 2.5% 2.5%
Full certification 4 model bundle discount 5% 5%
Full certification 6 model bundle discount 7.5% 7.5%
Fast track
For previously Profile Only material that is currently listed in the HP Media Solutions Locator for that specific ink/printer combination and has been profiled by Color Concepts
€755 $915
Family check
This process certifies material that already is certified under a different name for that specific ink/printer combination. For example OEM material or material with identical characteristics and can be printed with the same profile.
€475 $575
Backlit profile surcharge €280 $335

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