On-site consultancy (ColorForce)

Getting the absolute best

Lots of print shops are dealing with complex workflows, demanding customers and lots of pressure to deliver the best quality in the shortest amount of time. Color Concepts’ experienced consultants are highly trained and experienced experts in the field of color management, printer and media profiling and customer communications. They travel globally, work in our labs, train experts and get trained themselves to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

Get your print media implemented

Selling print media to prints shops can be challenging enough, but making them a regular user of your products, requires not only a stable product quality, adequate logistics, but also excellent customer service. Customers demand seamless integration of your products into their daily operations. Using our ColorForce on-site consultancy service helps your customers getting getting the maximum out of your products, by ensuring the optimal RIP and printer settings as well as advanced workflow configuration and instructions on how to get the best print results.

When things are getting difficult

Convincing experienced user to adopt a new way of working is not easy. Showing the benefits, like: less work to get thing right, ink savings, time savings and better color are effects of setting up the correct workflow and configuring the RIP and printer correctly. Our consultants are highly experienced in all major inkjet printing technologies, including: UV inks (roll-to-roll and flatbed), dye sublimation processes, Latex inks, waterbased dye and pigment inks as well as all versions of solvent inks. Our experts bringt their own high-end measurement equipment from Barbieri and are able to measure any material in an accurate way.

Ready to connect?

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