Complaint handling

Mysterious Mess Management

Dealing with printability issues from customers all over the globe, can be a difficult and often mysteriously vague job. It often takes weeks after the issues occurred that you receive the actual samples or affected rolls. Being there, or having a direct contact at the print shop, helps you solving these issues when they occur or to collect reliable data about the problem.

Be there when it happens and prevent rolls being sent

Having a dedicated helpdesk line for your sales channel and resellers, connected to a printing lab, prevents rolls being sent. Our experience over the past years teaches that 80% of all “print media issues” are not related to the print media, but to incorrect settings and configurations. Once a roll gets shipped, the momentum to learn from actual issues or the ability to solve them, is gone. We have built the infrastructure to be of immediate help, right there where it’s needed. We also offer the option to have faulty rolls shipped to our lab for further testing. Check out our ColorForce and ColorDesk services for more information.

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