Supportdesk (ColorDesk)

No investments and sustainable

Service and support are key elements in what is called ‘the user experience’. Today’s market is searching for solutions and answers to the issues users might encounter when using your products. It requires you to hire experts in a broad expertise field and to keep their knowledge and facilities up-to-date. Massive investments, with an uncertain sustainability. We have build a service platform around our experts that will help you providing the best technical support possible, with predictable costs, but without any investment.

Keeping support experts happy

Our experts are working at our labs, using the latest printers, RIP software, measurement equipment and hundreds materials we keep in stock for support and profiling purposes. This creates an attractive environment for technical experts to learn and strive in. “Never a dull moment” is definitely an expression that fits to us!

State-of-the-art support infrastructure

Color Concepts is using a cloud-based infrastructure that enables us to serve our customers with high-end features, including: VoIP (Voice over IP) calling, with multiple international phone numbers dedicated to your brand or even department; social media integration for live Facebook and Twitter support; e-mail integration with your own email addresses and domain names; clear and dynamic reporting functionality; live chat option for integration with your website or ColorBase profile download client. All powered by the world’s best inkjet printing experts!

Ready to connect?

If you would like to visit our facility or want to know more about the different services we offer, please contact us.