Tectonics + Barbieri = A Winning Color Combo

by | Nov 21, 2019

Success story: Tectonics
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Since 1981, Tectonics has been serving the trade show and exhibit industry, expanding capabilities to create branded environments for a myriad of markets. We are a single manufacturing source for customers, providing everything from engineering to fabrication to printing to installation.

In an industry that is experiencing little competitive differentiation, it is critical to implement process and practices that add value for your clients. Along with undergoing a complete digital transformation that changed the mindset of the company, resources have been dedicated to color management. This color management focus has created consistency and print quality across our multiple nationwide locations that is unparalleled.

How Tectonics Uses Barbieri Products To Create A Competitive Differentiator

Our clients have specific color needs, especially around branding. Color reproduction has a fundamental problem in that a given color does not necessarily produce the same color in all devices. Creating the desired color output regardless of substrate or print method is a complex, but absolutely necessary, process.

We own a top-of-the-line Barbieri spectrophotometer, and have people expertly trained to use it. With 3 locations strategically placed across the US, it is imperative to maintain color consistency across varying media, print processes and equipment. All of our facilities have a version of the spectrophotometer to assist in standardization across locations. These devices allow us to perform on-going validations to ensure our machines are consistently running within tolerance levels given by the International Color Consortium (ICC).

Mary Song, Color Manager

Our clients can feel confident that no matter where their order is fulfilled, color consistency will not be a problem. Thanks in part to our spectrophotometer, when their print is made that is also no longer a concern. If additional pieces or replacement prints are needed at a later date, consistency in the printed color is maintained.

Our commitment to color management, which incorporates Barbieri products into our process, is helping us achieve our objective of industry leadership in the adoption of best practices, automation and innovation.

How Barbieri Is Different

Barbieri has been a worldwide leader in color management spectrophotometers. With the multiple light source angles, we are able to read challenging materials, such as direct and transferred textiles, and processes, such as UV inks on a variety of substrates. Barbieri has utilized this same technology across numerous spectrophotometers to add consistency to their own line of products. This has allowed us to use multiple spectrophotometers with confidence.

The Barbieri Spectro LFP qb has revolutionized color management automation. With the automated arm and camera positioning, we are able to read any reflective or transmissive chart with ease. The detachable head allows us to get accurate color data on the spot. We are then, in turn, able to put that data into files. Barbieri has pushed the envelope by creating a textile edition of the qb.

The Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition allows for facilities, like Tectonics, to read distorted textiles with ease. The camera, in addition to new holders that help support fabrics, captures what the spectrophotometer is reading, finds the middle of the patch, and reads the center of each individual patch to create accurate data in the profiling and verification process.

Barbieri has continuously improved color management, from precision between each machine to finding solutions to difficult substrates and processes.

The Color Difference

Integrating Barbieri products into our color management process provides our clients with the highest quality and consistency across various media. We combine superior color management with unparalleled print capacities, nationwide coverage, advanced manufacturing, and an innovative client-centric culture to create an exceptional level of service to our customers.

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