The Media Certification Program for HP Latex R Printer Series, now available for flexible materials!

by | Jan 27, 2020

For immediate release
Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands
January 27, 2020

Welcome to the R Series Media Certification Program for HP Latex Inks!

This program, already introduced for rigid applications and materials, is now completed with the incorporation of flexible materials. Allowing you to explore all the possibilities that this hybrid printer can offer.

The main purpose of this Certification Program is to identify suitable materials for each application and provide HP customers with customized profiles that suit their needs. In addition, it offers safety and peace of mind for resellers and manufacturers of rigid and flexible materials.

Together with HP, we developed tests related to Image Quality, Media-Printer Interaction, and Image Resistance. That makes this Media Certification Program for the HP Latex R Printer Series, the right way to deliver great profile quality in a cost-efficient way. It provides the possibility of exploring a wide range of applications and materials. Resulting in sustainable business growth!

Get your materials certified and become part of the R Series Media Certification Program world.


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